With the objective of setting and maintaining professional nursing standards for the protection of public safety, responding to the changing environment to ensure a fit for purpose workforce, engaging stakeholders to guide the development of a competent and flexible workforce, demonstrating national and international leadership in nursing regulation, local and oversea training to build capacity of the council to finally reach the quantity and quality of nurses and strengthening national and international cooperation to share knowledge and experience, the Cambodian Council of Nurses (CCN), a milestone in Cambodian history, was established to undertake the above responsibilities. The role of the CCN is not to seek mistakes in order to penalize responsible individuals, rather to supervise the implementation of principles of morality, righteousness, fairness and loyalty necessary for effective and sustainable performing the medical professional assistants, observe the performance of all members regarding the respect of professional obligations and other regulation stipulated in the Code of Ethic in Nursing, and preserve honors and dignity of medical professional assistants.

To achieve the above objective, the CCN has developed and implemented the Strategic Plan I (2014-2016) which laid down three main activities, namely (1) professional standards, (2) registration and licensing, and (3) communication strategy. Until 2016, the CCN has attained significant achievements resulted from the implementation of the Strategic Plan I.

CCN requires and aims at institutional development and human capacity building. The CCN has developed and is ready to implement Strategic Plan II (2017-2019) aiming at continuously upgrading on institutional capacity building and nursing profession with expectation of promoting health and safety patients.

Strategic Plan 2017-2019

The strategic plan 2021-2025 of the Cambodian Council of Nurses (CCN) was developed by a team led by CCN under the auspices and support of the USAID-EQHA project implemented by Family Health International (FHI360). This strategic plan is designed to guide the leadership of the Cambodian Council of Nurses, both at the national and sub-national levels, to implement to achieve key strategic goals before the end of 2025.

Strategic Plan 2021-2025