Different education paths (ADN or BSN)

There are two different education pathways to becoming a nurse in Cambodia approved by the MoH in accordance with their legislative mandate:

1. The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) is a three-year tertiary programme comprising one year of Foundation Studies and two years of nursing studies. An Associate Degree in Nursing-Midwifery can be attained through an additional year of education in midwifery for those who hold an Associate Degree in Nrsing.

2. The Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing (BSN) is a four-year tertiary -level programme comprising one year of Foundation Studies and three years of nursing studies. Persons with an Associate Degree in Nursing can undertake an additional year of study to upgrade their nursing qualification to a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing (BSN).

Note: In the past there was the primary nursing course which was a 1-year programme originally designed to address the severe shortage of nurses, particularly in rural areas. The entry requirements for this course were a minimum of grade 7 schooling. Upon successful completion of the course, students received a certificate in Primary Nursing and were eligible to enter the civil service. Primary nursing courses were provided by the Regional Training Centres (RTCs). MoH decided to phase out the primary nurse course as does not meet the ASEAN MRA-NS standards.